OLHCA's Christmas Concert: Academy Students Sing Out, "We Need A Little Christmas!"

December 23, 2022
Source: Academy Denver
by Audrey Bushnell, 12th Grade

This year has come with many exciting events as well as many surprises. The finale to the first semester, our annual Christmas program, was no exception.

For months children and teachers alike had been practicing and preparing for their performances, getting ready to impress families and friends with their musical talent. As the day approached, however, it came faster than anyone had expected. Inclement weather forced the school to move the date - instead of taking place on the 22nd as originally planned, it was moved up to the 20th. And while two days may not seem like much of a difference, for musicians every practice counts. Nonetheless, despite this turn of events, the students were able to pull together a magnificent performance for their families and friends that served as a magnificent start to Christmas Break. 

The Program opened with three hymns by the high school choir, setting the tone of the Christmas spirit and the mystery of the season. This was followed by the youngest grades’ portion of the program.The kindergarten-second graders performed a shortened version of the treasured Christmas ballet by Tchaikovsky, entitled, “Nutcracker in a Nutshell."  Their performance captured the hearts of the audience with their little voices and impressive display of dancing in the simple choreographies written by Mrs. Rachel Bushnell. After the play, the third-fifth grades performed a collection of Christmas songs. They surprised the audience by playing “Jingle Jangle, Ding-a Ding-a, Ding Dong,” on silver kazoos, a fun rendition of the song which made the audience laugh and smile, and served as a wonderful finale for the lower school portion of the program. 

The upper school program was begun by the song “Need a Little Christmas,” performed  and acted out by the seventh and eighth grade girls. The motions with which the young ladies accompanied the song added charm and merriment which the audience loved and enjoyed. This was followed by two more carols by the sixth-eighth grades in three-part harmony, which displayed the peace and mystery of the Christmas Season. Following the middle school performance, the Spanish I and II students at the Academy sung the Spanish version of “The Little Drummer Boy”, “El Tamborilero,” with the help and instruction of their Spanish teachers. Finally the program concluded as it began, with three more songs by the high school, ending with “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” as a farewell to the audience and a hope that they enjoy this great holiday. 

All in all, the audience was charmed and impressed by the skill and devotion of the students. The students benefited from the experience, not only by learning to sing, but also learning to perform on stage, to speak in public, and to work together to produce something beautiful. With the Christmas program successfully in the past, the students and teachers are excited to be halfway through the year, done with exams, and ready for a relaxing break and joyful holiday season.