OLHCA Conducts School-Wide Spelling Bee

January 09, 2020
Source: Academy Denver
OLHCA 2020 School Spelling Bee

Second Stage of the Spelling Bee Completed

After a presentation of the official Scripps Spelling Bee rules, the school-wide spelling bee commenced.  The ten winning spellers from the classroom competitions in December went head-to-head through many rounds of spelling and vocabulary.  Moving from words like "clever" and "sniffle" to the more challenging "sundering" and "cannonade," spellers in the 4th through 8th grades dropped out over the course of 38 rounds until there remained only 5th grade Isaac Wilson and 8th grade Peter Conder.

These final two spellers went 10 rounds before Isaac won the bee with the correct spelling of "amino."  Isaac will advance to the next round of the competition (whether that will be at the school district level or the state level is yet to be determined), with Peter also preparing in the event Isaac is unable to compete.  

Dates and times of this next round will be announced as soon as those details are finalized.  Congratulations to all of the spellers, and best of luck to Isaac and Peter!