Bennett Fire Department Visits the Academy

November 08, 2022
Source: Academy Denver
by Addisyn Cummings, 9th Grade

On November 7th the K-6th grades got fired up by a visit from the Bennett Fire Department.

The visit was planned by Mrs. Ballard to teach the children how emergency services work, and about the different talents of the various first responders.

Their excursions started in the wind and cold. The classes went in pairs to go look at the fiery red vehicles, and got to see the inside of an ambulance (which was a nice break from the cold wind!). They were shown a firetruck, and how the various tools and hoses are used in different situations. Each group ended with a short question and answer session in the lower school.

To commemorate their visit, the grade schoolers were given fireman hats, color changing hats, and a book on fire safety.