Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office - Mounted Unit Visits OLHCA

October 15, 2021
Source: Academy Denver

The Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office introduces their newly-reformed Mounted Police Unit to the Academy Students

ASCO Deputies told the story of their mounted units recent re-formation to the students of the Academy.  30 years after their original mounted unit was disbanded, Araphaoe county re-formed their mounties in 2019.  By 2020, the program had expanded to include citizen volunteers. As they have done historically, the Mounted Unit is available to assist at public events, they patrol trails and paths that are now common across the suburban terrain, and they conduct search and rescue operations, among other duties. Arapahoe County joins many other law enforcement agencies across the front range who maintain Mounted Units.

The horses used by deputies and volunteers are personally owned by their riders, who are responsible for the daily care and maintenance: feed, hay, bedding, housing, veterinary, and farrier expenses. The horse and rider combination are fully trained before being allowed to work in a law enforcement capacity and interact with the public. 

Deputies also took the students on a tour of the standard-issue police SUV patrol vehicle, showing them the many features which make it quite different from an ordinary car.  

Students visited with the officers in small groups, asking questions and learning about the agencies who keep watch over our church and school.