Academy Students Working Hard For Their School - Can You Help Them Out?

March 15, 2022
Source: Priory Denver

OLHCA Kicks Off its New Fundraiser - the 2022 Spring Sweepstakes!

Dear OLHCA Family & Friends,

Our 2022 Spring Sweepstakes is up and running!  

Visit and enter today for your chance to win!

Top Prize:  $5,000.00 Cash!

2nd Prize:  1/4 Side of Beef [or $500 Cash] - Premium Local Grain-Finished Beef, approximately 175 lbs - $900 Value!  Choose from a selection of cuts.  Processing provided by Otteman's Meat Processing, Flagler, CO.  Ready for Pickup August 1st.   

3rd Prize:  10 lbs Premium Local Ground Beef [or $50 Cash] will be awarded to THREE winners!

Click on the "Enter Now!" button to get entries into the sweepstakes.  

Share And Share Widely!

On the right side of the Sweepstakes home page, under the picture, you'll find links that allow you to share the fundraiser using various social media platforms or by copying a link to send by email or text to friends and family.

If you click "Enter Now!" from this page, you'll be able to choose the participant(s) you'd like to benefit during checkout - simple and easy!


Click "Participants" to see the students, teachers, and priests who are helping raise money through this sweepstakes.  (If you're on a cell phone or a smaller screen, you'll find this "Participants" link by using the red "Navigate" button at the top.)

Scroll through the participants, or type a name to search, or click on "Amount" to sort the list by the amount each participant has raised, etc. 

Choose someone you'd like to learn more about and click on their "Visit Fundraising Page" link, which appears when you hover over their name.  

Each participant has a page that shows their progress, their donors, etc.  Some have already been personalized with photos, videos, and comments - more are being updated every day!

These individual participant pages also provide links for sharing.  Here's the big bonus: these links, from the individual participants' pages, automatically apply all money collected there to the participant who shared the link.  Keep this in mind when you're sharing links to help particular students meet their goals!

Participant Home Page

The Participant Center includes a leader board and a list of the incentives that can be earned as different amounts are raised. 


Send any questions you might have about the fundraiser details to Mrs. Terri McDermott ([email protected]), and any questions about the sweepstakes process and website to Mrs. Julie Eddy ([email protected]).

Thank You For Your Support!

Our Lady Help of Christians Academy