The Academy Enters the First Level of the National Spelling Bee

January 02, 2020
Source: Academy Denver
Spelling Bee - Round 1
4th Grade Student Logan Linnebur

OLHCA Enrolls in Scripps National Spelling Bee

This will be the Academy's first foray into the National Spelling Bee arena.  Students in grades 4 through 8 competed in the classroom portion of the Spelling Bee on December 18th, conducted by the Spelling Bee Committee.  When the first round was completed, the students had placed as follows:

  • 4th Grade: Grace Beattie (First Place); William Eddy (Second Place)
  • 5th Grade: Max Ballard (First Place); Elise Bushnell (Second Place)
  • 6th Grade: Aimee O’Neill (First Place); Isaac Wilson (Second Place)
  • 7th Grade: Joseph D. Gilmor (First Place); Blaise Zylla (Second Place)
  • 8th Grade: Peter Conder (First Place); Brigid Berry (Second Place)

The two winners from each class will compete in the School Spelling Bee on Wednesday, January 8, 2020 in the basement of the church. (The time of the School Bee will be announced.)

All parents, students, and staff members are welcome to attend this School Bee. The one winner from OLHCA may advance to either a District Bee or the State Bee, more information will be provided as those details are worked out.

Congratulations spellers, and good luck in the next round!