Perpetual Adoration: Spend an Hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament

March 09, 2020
St. Isidore Church

Since the early days of the foundation of the Society of Saint Pius X, the Blessed Sacrament has remained exposed in at least one of its chapels, every day of the year.

In coordination with the General House of the SSPX in Menzingen, Switzerland, the United States has received and accepted the following dates in order to participate in this univeral effort.  The prayerful intentions recommended to faithful have remained constant since they were proposed by Archbishop Lefebvre:

Victory over the interior and exterior enemies of the Church;
The return of Rome and the bishops to the Tradition of the Church and the Faith of our fathers;
The sanctification of priests and candidates to the priesthood;
The awakening of numerous priestly and religious vocations.


Sign-up sheets for the Holy Hours at St. Isidore Church can be found in the vestibule.