ACE Scholarships for OLHCA Families

OLHCA has joined with ACE Scholarships to provide both new and existing school families a financial aid opportunity starting with the 2023-2024 school year. 

ACE Scholarships is a K-12 financial aid program dedicated to providing needs-based scholarships for families who meet the income qualifications.

The 2023-2024 ACE Scholarships application opened up for submittals on February 6th and will remain open through Tax Day, April 18th, 2023.

The chart below gives the guidlines for qualification:

The ACE Scholarships application is completed in FACTS, same as the Financial Aid form that our current school families complete every year.

Families with children already in the school can log into their existing FACTS Payment Plans/Financial Aid account to get started. 

“Our Lady Help of Christians Academy (ACE Colorado)” can be added to the list of schools by clicking “Add School/Organization” and entering the school’s zip code (80137). 

When “Our Lady Help of Christians Academy (ACE Colorado)” appears on the screen, the box next to it needs to be checked - so that the financial information entered by school families can be considered for the ACE Scholarship as well as any other Financial Aid opportunities that may become available.

Families new to the school can create an account in FACTS to apply for this scholarship here:  FACTS ACE Colorado.  After creating the account, enter the school's zip code (80137) and select “Our Lady Help of Christians Academy (ACE Colorado)” to continue.

As with the regular Financial Aid application, forms of taxable and nontaxable income verification will need to be attached, and applicants will be asked to answer a few additional ACE-specific questions.

Scholarship award decisions are made per student (not per family), and will be made after the application closes for all applicants.  Families will be notified of awards in May or June.

View these documents to learn more:

     - ACE Scholarships Information (Colorado - English)

     - ACE Scholarships Information (Colorado - Spanish)

Please feel free to contact the school with any questions, and thank you for your support!